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  • 'The Moonraker' Open Comb

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    The Moonraker

    The Moonraker is named after 'Jaws' from the James Bond film Moonraker. 

    This razor, like Jaws will cut through anything, especially those pesky whiskers. This Open Comb design     is a medium- aggressive safety razor. The OC is very well designed, looks beautiful and has terrific     balance and weight.  Perfect for everyday use.  The handle is beautifully done with a superb grip and     weight. The handle weighs 1.6  oz and total weight is 2.6 oz, which is slightly lighter than The Knurler.     This razor has a Stainless Steel handle and a chrome plated zinc alloy head. The razor stands 4" in length. The standard 3-piece design makes changing blades easy. You just simply unscrew the handle from head, insert a new blade between the two plates and screw back together. You can use any standard DE blade.