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  • Tophat Skull Shaving Brush - $45-$65

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    Custom made Tophat Shaving Brush with either Black 24mm Game Changer synthetic knot, 22mm Sunrise (Plisson-like) knot or our superb new 22mm Manchurian knot. All three are exceptional. The Game Changer is arguably the best synthetic knot in the industry. The Manchurian has been tested extensively and tested among many others. You will love these knots.

    This is a sculpted, casted and hand painted in Sweden. This is a 'High-end' handmade brush at an extremely affordable price. Both knots are superb performers and have been tested by me extensively. The Sunrise is soft like a Plisson, but with a bit more density & backbone. The Game Changer feels like an expensive Badger knot. It is amazingly soft, with backbone comparable to knots that are much more money. It's also a larger knot at 24mm..