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  • Tri-Strop XL - Intermediate Strops with two different types of linen

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    My Tri-Strop XL Leather Strop is unique because of it's three strops in one offering. Yes, this uniquely designed Tri-Strop Razor Strop will keep your straight razors sharp for many years to come. I designed these strops for those looking to upgrade from their beginners strop, at an affordable price. The XL Strop measures 2 1/2 X 25; and is actually three separate strops in one.  They are made of quality cowhide leather, with the second of Barber's Best Fine Weave Linen and the third of a lighter linen fabric (perfect to dry off your razor with a few laps after the shave). They are joined at the top by a removable brass plated swiveling clamp and swivel. Both the leather and fine weave linen strops have Stitched Leather Handles. The fabric provides a convenient leather grip as well.